Rover takes responder management to a new level. When an incident occurs, Rover instantly relays the call out to your responders’ mobile devices, shaving seconds off their reply. With one touch on the Rover app, responders send their availability while Rover automatically retrieves their credentials, location, and travel time. Once responders have confirmed their acceptance, Rover provides everyone who has secure access to the Rover portal (via station dashboard, laptop, in-vehicle tablets or cell phone) with the precise location of each responder and a countdown to their arrival.  

  • Turn by turn navigation
  • Unlimited users and devices
  • Works with any mobile device, tablet, and desktop 
  • Pinpoints each responder and apparatus with GPS geolocation and real-time tracking 
  • Access to pre-plans, water assets, and map objects 
  • Highly configurable to meet your agency’s needs  
  • CAD integration and live updates* available  
  • Simple to set up, easy to use

*depending on CAD provider capabilities 

What do we mean when we say that Rover is highly configurable? 

We will work with you to customize Rover to the meet the needs of your department, with the terminology your team is most familiar with. We have a robust selection of map objects that can be added to the system, including building labels, hydrants, Knox Box location, FDC connection, utility shut offs, fill sites, and more. We can link to everything you need such as weather, SOGs, documents, and websites, directly in the app.  

Super-charge your Rover app with API Integrations. 

Never enter the same data twice with Rover API integrations. Rover has the capability to connect with other software that your department is already using, such as a records management and reporting solution. {Automatically transfer hydrant locations, occupancy data, and more between Rover and other software. THIS IS ONLY BETWEEN ROVER AND ER at present}

The Rover map includes pinpoint access to the incident’s location, apparatus, hazards, and all available hydrants inside and outside the perimeter.

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Maintain Pre-Fire Planning Data All in One Place by Integrating Emergency Reporting Occupancy and Hydrant Data with Rover

Already using ER’s Occupancy and Hydrants modules to maintain a detailed database of hydrants, occupancies, fire protection systems, and hazards? A Rover Integration allows you to manage all pre-fire planning data in one place for total situational awareness.

Key Benefits of Integrating Rover With ER:

  • Quick and easy access to pre-fire plans, hydrant and occupancy data while at the station, while en route, and on the scene.
  • Automatically transfer hydrant locations, fire preplans, and more between Rover and ER.
  • Store and manage hydrant data in ER (or Rover) and have it sync with Rover (or ER) for real-time access. No more double data entry.

Integrating Rover with ER can help you keep your community safer by increasing dispatch efficiency and collaboration, decreasing response times, and putting critical information at your fingertips. Click the link below to learn more:

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