Take Emergency Reporting’s Occupancy and Hydrants Modules Up a Notch

Did you know you can seamlessly integrate Rover Alerting Software with Emergency Reporting (ER)? Integrating Rover with ER can help you keep your community safer by increasing dispatch efficiency and collaboration, decreasing response times, and putting critical information at your fingertips. Those using Emergency Reporting’s Occupancy and Hydrants modules can benefit from managing all this information in one place for total situational awareness.

  • Quick and easy access to pre-fire plans, hydrant & occupancy data while at the station, while en route, and on the scene.
  • Automatically transfer hydrant locations, fire preplans, and more between Rover and ER.
  • Store and manage hydrant data in ER (or Rover) and have it sync with Rover (or ER) for real-time access. No more double data entry.


Instant Accountability From Start to Finish

Rover provides instant accountability of all responders from start to finish, whether responding from home, work, or the station, and whether responding to the scene, staging area, or command post. By integrating Rover with ER, data from Rover seamlessly flows into Emergency Reporting, creating a new incident report when a call is received and pre-filling apparatus and response time information.

Here are just a few things Rover can do for your agency:

  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Tracks each responder & apparatus in real time
  • On-the-go responder alerting and status updates
  • Access pre-plans, hydrants & map objects in one place

Self-Dispatch Your Station With a Rover CAD Integration

Our baseline CAD integration is included in Rover and gives you access to the following CAD fields:

Capture apparatus times and track your crew in real time. The time dispatched is captured when Rover receives the alert from the CAD. The en route time is initiated when the driver presses “Responding” on a device in the cab. The Arrival time is automatically logged when the apparatus is detected as On Scene or through a manual override (a long press of the responding button).

Rover Desktop View:

Rover Mobile View:

For even deeper CAD integration with locally generated apparatus times, ask your sales rep about our Full CADLink add-on*.

*CAD integration depends on your CAD. Ask your sales rep about your specific CAD provider to learn more.

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