Find Out Where Your State is in Our NEMSIS 3 Certification Process

We are continually working with state data managers to become certified in more states, and this map is updated frequently. Click on your state below to find out more, or contact your local sales rep by clicking here.

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What is NEMSIS 3?

The National EMS Information System (NEMSIS) is an EMS industry standard that requires a uniform method of collecting data and information related to EMS patient care. Information submitted to NEMSIS is sent to a secure database where it’s stored and used to study and analyze national EMS services.

NEMSIS was designed to provide uniform national EMS data fields required in electronic patient care reports (ePCRs) with standard terms, definitions, and values. This ensures that that first responder ePCRs submitted from different cities, counties and states across the country are formatted in a way that allows them to be uploaded to the national EMS database. Having a standardized database provides a wide range of benefits including, the ability to improve patient care and outcomes, identify areas for national and local EMS improvement, review community health statistics, and help develop nationwide EMS training curricula. According to, “The NEMSIS uniform dataset and database help local, State and national EMS stakeholders more accurately assess EMS needs and performance, as well as support better strategic planning for the EMS systems of tomorrow. Data from NEMSIS is also used to help benchmark performance, determine effectiveness of clinical interventions, and facilitate cost-benefit analyses.”

Why is it important to you?

Asking members of your workforce to change the way they do their EMS reporting may sound hard to accomplish but the benefits of moving to NEMSIS far outweigh the challenges of implementing a new reporting tool. NEMSIS is a major step forward for ePCR reporting because it standardizes patient data for all parties. The result is an improved ability to document data important to patients and healthcare providers. It also forms a foundation for integrating emergency data with the broader healthcare system.

What’s next?

NEMSIS 3 is the newest update to the system and is currently being rolled out on a state-by-state basis. When the change is implemented in your state, the way your personnel collect patient data and complete reports will be altered. If you are prepared for the transition and utilizing a fire and EMS records management system that is NEMSIS 3 compliant in your state, you can expect a smooth transition.

Version 3 is the latest standard currently being implemented across the United States. This version offers various improvements over earlier releases including:

  • More specific fields, such as pertinent negatives
  • An Improved validation system to help ensure that ePCRs have the required information to meet your state and department standards
  • A web-based submission system that allows for easier, real-time submission to state and national EMS databases

NEMSIS Version 3.5.0 is tentatively scheduled for release in in early 2020 with an anticipated phase out of NEMSIS 3.4.0 by 2023. For more details on the new release and phase out visit,