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Regional Training Academies

Learn how to improve your ISO rating. Network and train alongside other departments that are utilizing the system. Dig into every system module.


A Regional Training Academy (RTA) is a 3-day, interactive experience created for you and your staff to become Emergency Reporting experts. Emergency Reporting is a lot more than just NFIRS Reporting, and a Regional Training Academy is your chance to unlock the potential of the system for your department.

All Emergency Reporting Trainers are active or recently retired public safety professionals with over 200 years of combined firefighting and EMS experience. Meet our training team here.

What Recent RTA Attendees Are Saying

“The information that was covered will definitely benefit not only myself as a administrator, but also my department in regards to reports and data.”
– Peter Budagher, Santa Fe County Fire Department

“This class should be required by at least one administrator on the Emergency Reporting system (if not more). Very informative and worth every minute of my time.”
– David Richardson, Midwest City Fire Department

“The most valuable aspect of this conference was the face-to-face interaction between the trainers and the conference members. I appreciate that Emergency Reporting really seems to care about the customer.”
– Ronald Boensch, Bridgeport Fire Department

On-site Training

Tailored workshops are a great option for any department wanting to get more out of the system. A member of the Emergency Reporting training staff can work with your department to put together a customized training program. Our trainers are all current or retired firefighters, so they know how to make Emergency Reporting work best for your department. Whether your agency needs a refresher on system basics, or in-depth training on specific modules and advanced features, our training team is there the help.

Prices vary based on number of attendees and location. For more information, or to schedule an onsite training event for your department, contact the training team.

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Live Online Training Sessions

Online training is an affordable and convenient way to get additional training on the Emergency Reporting system. Online training sessions are flexible; they can run for a few hours on a single day, or over several days depending on your department’s needs. Our regional trainers will work with you to customize a program that covers the parts of the system you want to learn more about.

Online training starts at $125/hr. For more information, contact our training team at

We conduct online classes through the GoToMeeting platform. In these sessions we address your department’s specific records management needs in real-time. We will access your account live and provide the information most relevant to you. Contact us for more information or to set up online training for your department.

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Live Online Training at Emergency Reporting


Webinars On-Demand

Didn’t make a session that you wanted to attend? Want someone else from your station to watch a certain webinar? Visit our Webinar Archives on the Emergency Reporting Knowledge Base.

Check out some of our most popular topics (Requires ER Support Login):

Have an idea of a topic you’d like to see us train on? We’re all ears. Drop us a line at with your webinar topic suggestion.

Our Most Viewed Webinar:

Virtual Thursday Webinar: Free System Training

Expand your knowledge and skills with our free live and on-demand webinars, featuring a variety of special guests and topics.

Virtual Thursday is a monthly webinar, which focuses on a specific topic, hosted by Emergency Reporting that occurs on the first Thursday of each month. Join us online for valuable system training with an Emergency Reporting trainer and updates on new product features. The best part? It’s absolutely free.

Look for ER in-system announcements to sign up for the next Virtual Thursday.

If you prefer to use YouTube, we upload all of our content and webinars to our Emergency Reporting YouTube channel for everyone to enjoy at anytime.

Emergency Reporting Trainers

All Emergency Reporting Trainers are active or recently retired public safety professionals with over 200 years of combined Fire and EMS experience. Before they were Emergency Reporting trainers, they were Emergency Reporting customers. Our trainers fully understand your needs because, like you, they have spent years answering the call for help. Now they are ready to help you get the most out of Emergency Reporting.

Training Staff

All Emergency Reporting trainers are active or recently retired firefighters – Click on any of their photos to learn more about their public safety experience.

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