Safety Analytics

How well are you protecting your most important asset – your people? With Safety Analytics, your NFPA 1500 program will rise to new heights. Safety Analytics provides a real-time look at the state of your department’s overall safety and compliance with NFPA 1500, the standard for Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health. NFPA 1500 is an umbrella document that encompasses just about every possible aspect of a fire department’s health and safety. Military and civilian fire service professionals with hundreds of hours of combined experience helped guide this tool from its inception to release in order to help you accurately measure NFPA 1500 requirements within your department. Currently, there are three versions of Safety Analytics: Basic, Plus & Premier. Our industry-exclusive “pump panel” provides a real-time insights into mission-critical components that affect the health, safety, and well-being of everyone in your organization. The panel features 10 gauges that represent different safety standards as well as a Master Compound Gauge that shows your department’s total measure of NFPA 1500 requirements.

  • Develop and manage a top-notch NFPA 1500 program
  • Help ensure the health and wellness of your personnel
  • Assign PPE ensembles to personnel
  • Track every piece of PPE from right out of the package until retirement
  • Manage critical safety-related documents
  • Verify and justify safety-related budget items
  • 10 gauges provide a real-time look at the state of your department
  • Developed with the professionals at the University of Texas Arlington

Get the Gauges You Need!



Safety Analytics Basic includes the following gauges:

  • Organization: Tracks whether your department has proper documentation on the NFPA 1500 standards
  • Wellness & Behavior: Tracks whether a wellness program is in place and whether personnel have been informed of current wellness policies

Note: Safety Analytics Basic is free to existing Emergency Reporting customers with the Fire or EMS Software Package


Safety Analytics Plus includes the following gauges:

  • Safety Analytics Basic gauges, plus
  • Apparatus: Tracks inspection schedule and maintenance on apparatus
  • Staffing: Measures department staffing levels for active personnel
  • Medical/Physical: Tracks whether personnel are medically fit for duty


Safety Analytics Premier includes the following gauges:

  • Safety Analytics Plus gauges, plus
  • Training: Tracks whether personnel have been trained on risk management
  • Equipment: Tracks inspection schedule and maintenance on equipment
  • Facilities: Measures your facility’s compliance with NFPA 1500
  • PPE: Tracks whether personnel have the PPE needed to perform their jobs safely
  • Emergency Operations: Tracks incident management systems and emergency ops training


Get the Training You Need for NFPA 1500!

Emergency Reporting has partnered with the University of Texas at Arlington’s renowned Center for Fire Safety to bring you a comprehensive solution for safety and health management. Work with the professionals from the University of Texas at Arlington to learn how to effectively implement NFPA 1500 to improve the health and safety of your firefighters and the overall performance of your department. Click here to view the class schedule.


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