NFIRS Only Software Package

Mostly-volunteer agencies have a lot to do with a limited amount of time – and that leaves little energy for paperwork. But data about your incidents is the lifeline for grants. Get some help with the NFIRS Only Software Package by Emergency Reporting.

Capture and track data with our Incidents Module. Use our Reports Module to understand more about your calls. Then deliver it all to NFIRS in one click with our easy-to-use export tools.

Full Fire Software Package Available

Read more about how our full Fire Software Package can help you run your career or volunteer station.

Included Modules

The tools you need to run your station.

Report Your Data

Easily input your incident data, generate informative reports, and run real-time analytics on your department’s stats.


Keep track of what’s happening in your station and pass information between teammates. The Daybook gives the ability for individuals with system access to receive daily notifications to match their preferences and unique job responsibilities.

Incidents (NFIRS)

We pre-load your account with dropdown lists of all necessary NFIRS codes and descriptions, so you can select and auto-fill from them throughout the system.


Create, control and maintain the master data and settings that integrate our system into your daily operations, including imports, exports, daily log settings, incident settings and more.

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