NEMSIS Only Software Package

Keeping your community safe takes a lot of time, effort, and resources. Make sure your department gets the vital funding it needs to save lives with the NEMSIS 3-Only Software Package by Emergency Reporting.

The NEMSIS Only Software Package by Emergency Reporting delivers industry-leading tools for reporting NEMSIS data to federal and state agencies.

Gather basic information about your department’s medical calls with the Incidents Module, and view that data with our powerful Reports Module.

Full EMS Package Available

Check out our full EMS Software Package to discover other powerful tools for EMS management.


Included Modules

The tools you need to run your station.

Incidents (NEMSIS 3)

Your account will be loaded with dropdown lists of all necessary NEMSIS 3 codes and descriptions to help you create very run report with 100% NEMSIS compliance, and in most cases, to automatically submit those record to your local, state and federal data collection agencies.


Stay on top of your team’s development and training, keep track of what’s happening in your station, and pass information between teammates.


With ER’s powerful EMS Software, your agency can quickly and easily run real-time reports. We simplify station management with over 900 pre-loaded reports for organization and control of information.


Create, control and maintain the master data and settings that integrate our system into your daily operations including imports, exports, daily log settings, incident settings and more.

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