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Emergency Reporting provides the industry’s best platform for managing your entire public safety agency. Putting good data in and extracting useful information out has never been easier. Our Fire and EMS Software combines NFIRS and NEMSIS 3 into a single incident report. Tell your story, defend your budget, and keep your crews safer than ever before with our powerful data management modules.

  • All-in-one NEMSIS and NFIRS report eliminates double data entry
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Basic EMS and NEMSIS 3 eFax, EMS billing, and API integration with leading third-party ePCR vendors
  • Field-friendly ePCR – Optimized for tablet-based workflow
  • Autofill data for recurring patients
  • Dynamic NFIRS real-time validation
  • 16 modules for daily operations
  • Comprehensive fire prevention occupancy/inspection solution
  • Training & Certifications – API integration with leading fire content providers
  • Asset management – Equipment and apparatus maintenance
  • Free FuelER* web app to manage your agency’s fuel consumption
  • Powerful system reports and analytics tools
  • Improve your ability to win local, state, and federal grants with higher quality data
  • Secure and reliable – Hosted in Microsoft Azure
  • Unlimited users per agency
  • Accessible anywhere, cloud-based, and no software to install
  • Customer success – Training, support, and ER community

*FuelER web app is included with all ER accounts that have the Maintenance Module. Crews can use FuelER to enter fuel-ups in seconds, and all the data entered in FuelER is saved in your Emergency Reporting account so that you can run detailed reports on fuel usage.

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As a leader in Records Management Software (RMS) for fire departments and an advocate for first responders, Emergency Reporting offers a wide range of products to help support the development of a Community Risk Reduction (CRR) plan and CPSE accreditation. One of the most useful tools for this purpose is our robust Reports Module, which enables your agency to quickly and easily run real-time reports so you can identify emerging trends, deploy assets to mitigate risks, and evaluate the effectiveness of your CRR program.

Fire and EMS Incident Reporting With Emergency Reporting Records Management Software

Find out how easy it is to fill out an NFIRS and NEMSIS 3 compliant report with Emergency Reporting’s powerful Fire Department Software. Our all-in-one platform is designed to be simple, effective, and intuitive to use for first responders on the go.

Crucial Data When and Where You Need It

With Cloud-based, User-Friendly Records Management Software

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Customer Reviews

  • “As a Fire District committed to meeting the emergency services needs of our community in a professional and cost-effective manner, the need for accurate data and metrics is essential. The former records management system we used allowed us to push data in with a bulldozer, but limited pulling it out in a useful metric with tweezers. Now that we’ve switched to Emergency Reporting, we have a comprehensive RMS that allows the data entered to be used in a wide array of applications. The data assists us in strategic planning, the ISO survey, preplanning, and our community risk analysis. I have found Emergency Reporting to be responsive to our needs. The ER team is a dedicated group of professionals committed to designing an RMS for the needs of an ever-increasing, complex fire service.”

    Ron Lindroth, Fire Chief
    Ron Lindroth, Fire Chief Central Valley Fire District (MT)
  • “We decided to go with Emergency Reporting about a month ago and we are loving it. It’s very user-friendly and makes it easy to manage your station. We run a total of seven stations and Emergency Reporting works perfect for us.”

    Sean Reardon, Captain
    Sean Reardon, Captain Lincoln County Fire Protection District (KY)
  • “We use Emergency Reporting for every call, inventory, service equipment, members certs, calendar, personnel information and more. It makes life easy for our department!”

    Captain John C. Harriott, Sr.
    Captain John C. Harriott, Sr. Harris Gardens Fire Co., Union Beach Fire Department (NJ)
  • “Several years ago, I was completely frustrated with our RMS. It was written in an antiquated database, and you couldn’t get the information you needed. Despite continued promises by the vendor that things were going to change, it never got any better. Thus, my mission to find the right RMS began. I reviewed all the software packages out there and landed on Emergency Reporting. From cloud-based access and storage, reporting, interfacing with our CAD and ePCR, etc., ER has been everything I envisioned and more.”

    Christopher Sewell, Fire Chief
    Christopher Sewell, Fire Chief Flossmoor Fire Department (IL)
  • “We switched from FIREHOUSE to Emergency Reporting in 2012. ER is by far the easiest and most flexible fire RMS on the market. It’s simple and easy to use, with no-nonsense reports and analytics. We no longer waste time with data entry, server issues, or getting data out! It is all seamless with ER.”

    Brian P. Kazmierzak, Chief of Training/Battalion 5C
    Brian P. Kazmierzak, Chief of Training/Battalion 5C Penn Twp. Fire Department (IN)

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Included Modules

The tools you need to run your station.

Report Your Data

Input NFIRS and NEMSIS incident data into one intuitive report for easy submission. Generate informative reports and run real-time analytics on your department’s stats.

Automate Your Inventory

Configure your module to track item usage and send notices via email to responsible personnel, reminding them to reorder supplies.

Support Personnel

Stay on top of your team’s development and training, keep track of what’s happening in your station, and pass information between teammates.

Simplify Inspections

Keep your community safe by collecting and tracking inspections for occupancies, equipment, apparatus, and hydrants.

Manage Equipment & Apparatus

Track the status, location and service life of all your agency’s apparatus and equipment, including SCBA and bunker gear, hoses, defib machines, and more.

Manage Your Crew

Customize rosters to meet your department’s needs, schedule shifts and track personnel and apparatus at multiple stations.

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