With Emergency Reporting, your agency can quickly and easily run real-time reports. We simplify station management with over 900 pre-loaded reports for organization and control of information. Can’t find a report? Customize your own by submitting a report request to our development team.

The Reports Module is a useful tool in the process of developing a Community Risk Reduction (CRR) plan and gaining CPSE accreditation. Our robust Reports Module enables you to quickly and easily run real-time reports so you can identify emerging trends, deploy assets to mitigate risks, and evaluate the effectiveness of your CRR program.

If any neighboring agencies also use Emergency Reporting then you can both take advantage of our “Agency Friends” feature. This feature allows users in the same state to share and receive information and resources between departments. Everything in Agency Friends is “Read Only”. “Friended” agencies cannot make any changes to your department’s ER account; so you can rest assured that it will not be altered and that it is safe and secure within the ER network.

Once Agency Friends is activated, you will be able to look at data and pull reports within the Reports Module that include incident information from your “agency friends.” By Including information from other neighboring agencies, you are able to look beyond your own district to get a more accurate snapshot of your greater community. With this feature you are also able to view information and track performance of your mutual aid incidents. Pulling reports like # 1174: Incident Count for FIRE Calls For inter-Agency For Date range and report # 1175: Average Response Time For Inter-Agency Per Response Mode For Date Range will give your department a better understanding of inter-agency performance. In addition to mutual and automatic aid activity, you will also be able to pull occupancy information and hydrant data from neighboring agencies. This provides your crews with valuable information and resources they can use when responding to calls outside of your own district. This shared data can be used to justify and secure additional manning, machines and money that can improve overall service levels to the community.

Incident Reports
  • Average Response Time for Agency for Year Range
  • Breakdown of Major Incident Types
Station Activity Reports
  • Daily Log Items for Station
  • Hours Spent per Activity Code for Agency
Personnel Reports
  • Hours Worked for Personnel
  • Incidents for Personnel
  • Training Hours for Personnel

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