Fire departments need more than just data collection. Using the Analytics Module, departments can assess their response times and staffing levels by setting custom benchmarks or by using NFPA 1710 or 1720 standards of cover. Switch over to the Safety Analytics tab to view how you stack up against NFPA 1500 standards.

Compare Compare response times by zone, incident type and more
Drill Down See how individual stations and shifts are performing
Monitor Goals Set and monitor staffing and deployment success
Track Compliance View compliance percentage rates over time
Defend Budgets Use the data to defend a budget



The Analytics Module now includes “BI Basic” (Business Intelligence) analytics. These new reports, located under a BI Basic tab, provide insight into incident and EMS data. The data visualizations in our BI Basic tool will enable your department to leverage current as well as historical data to make data-driven decisions, evaluate trends, and drill into data variances.

We Have 5 BI Basic Reports:

  1. Incidents 
    • Incident Counts – # of Incidents by Month, Shift, Category, Top Stations by # of Incidents, Incident Series Matrix
      • ER Business Intelligence Analytics - Incident Volume and Count Dashboard
    • Days & Times – # of Incidents Over Time, and by Hour, Shift, Weekday & Incident Category, Top Stations by # of Incidents
    • COVID-19 Survey Info – Incident Matrix, Heatmap, Results, Trends
    • Percentile Report – % of Incidents Meeting Goals by Month, % of Incidents by Station, Shift, Zone
  2. EMS
    • Procedures – % of Procedures by Hour, Weekday, % Successful, Procedure Group Matrix
      • ER BI Basic Business Intelligence Analytics - EMS Statistics: Procedures and Medications
    • Medications – % of Administrations by Hour, Weekday, % Successful, Procedure Group Matrix
      • ER BI Basic Business Intelligence Analytics - EMS Statistics: Medications
  3. Occupancies & Inspections
    • Occupancies – Occupancies by Type, Last Inspected, Location, FPS Category
    • Inspections – # of Inspections YOY, and by Type, Result, Inspector Matrix
  4. Training & Certifications
    • Classes – Student Matrix, Student Hours by Month, Training Code Hours by Category
    • Certifications – Certification Matrix, Upcoming Expirations, Certifications Granted
  5. Maintenance
    • Operational Status Over Relative Time Frames – Station Roll up, Apparatus Roll up and Drill Though, Equipment Roll up and Drill Through

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