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How Emergency Reporting Compares to Other Fire/EMS Software

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Download and print this easy-to-read checklist that will help you understand what features Emergency Reporting (ER) offers and compare that to any Fire/EMS software you are currently using or researching for your department.

ER provides a cloud-based Fire and EMS Records Management Software (RMS) that enables agencies to efficiently manage their departments and complete NFIRS and NEMSIS reports. The ER system is a comprehensive ecosystem that integrates with the top names in the Fire and EMS software industry, providing a scalable solution that fits every department’s needs. Ultimately, it is an easy-to-use and time-saving solution that tracks the crucial data needed to effectively manage crews, track resources, justify budgets and secure grant funding, and provide legal protection in the case of an ISO audit or lawsuit.

Agencies that implement ER gain improved insight into incident response metrics, patient care, and resource management. The intuitive reporting modules provide real-time data acceptance and combine Fire and EMS data into one single report that complies with NFIRS and NEMSIS 3 standards. A custom home dashboard can be configured for each user, providing quick access to the information that is the most crucial for each role.

Supporting over 750,000 agency personnel at more than 7,000 Fire/Rescue and EMS agencies, Emergency Reporting is consistently named the #1 most trusted RMS for Fire departments and EMS agencies of all sizes.

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