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Our product managers actively seek out customer feedback and incorporate suggestions into our product. The majority of our time is spent on making tools that save you time, are easy to use, and prevent you from wasting money on services you really don’t need.


Upcoming Training

Find out more about online, regional and on-site training options provided by our world-class training team. Our trainers have over 200 years of Fire and EMS experience combined and are focused on your department’s success.

  • Online Training Academies (OTAs) – Expand your ER knowledge and skills with our Online Training Academies.
  • Virtual Thursday – Sign up for our virtual Thursday webinar to learn more about our product.
  • On-site Training – Tailored workshops are a great option for any department wanting to get more out of the system.
  • Online training – Online training is an affordable and convenient way to get additional training on the Emergency Reporting system.
  • Regional Training Academy (RTA) – An RTA is a 3-day, interactive experience created for you and your staff to become Emergency Reporting experts.

Add-On Products

Looking to get the most out of your records management software? Emergency Reporting (ER) offers a number of time saving add-ons that make your life easier and your community safer.

  • Safety Analytics – How well are you protecting your most important asset – your people? With Safety Analytics, your NFPA 1500 program will rise to new heights. Our industry-exclusive “pump panel” provides a real-time look at ten mission-critical components that affect the health, safety, and well-being of everyone in your organization.

  • Inspect ER – Fill out inspection reports easily on location with the InspectER Mobile App. Your data will automatically be entered into the ER Maintenance Module.
  • VISION – Plan resource deployment with ER’s groundbreaking OVAP risk-scoring tool.
  • Google Maps Integration – Understand your district or coverage area in new and powerful ways.
  • CAD Integration – Cut out loads of data entry with our CAD Integration, which takes data directly from your dispatch center and puts it right into your report.
  • EMS Medical Billing Link – Push patient care information straight to your medical billing provider.
  • ePCR Fax Feature – Submit PCRs electronically from anywhere.
  • BI Basic – Get valuable insight into your Fire and EMS data. The data visualizations in our BI Basic tool will enable your department to leverage current as well as historical data to drill into data variances, evaluate trends, and make data-driven decisions.
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Rover Takes Responder Management to a New Level.

When an incident occurs, Rover instantly relays the call out to your responders’ mobile devices, shaving seconds off their reply. With one touch on the Rover app, responders send their availability while Rover automatically retrieves their credentials, location, and travel time. Once responders have confirmed their acceptance, Rover provides everyone who has secure access to the Rover portal (via station dashboard, laptop, in-vehicle tablet, or cell phone) with the precise location of each responder and a countdown to their arrival.

Customer Success Stories

We love celebrating our customers and their success using Emergency Reporting to improve data quality and reporting at their departments. Here’s what some of our customers are saying:

“I have found Emergency Reporting to be responsive to our needs. The ER team is a dedicated group of professionals committed to designing an RMS for the needs of an ever-increasing, complex fire service.” – Ron Lindroth, Fire Chief, Central Valley Fire District (MT)

“Emergency Reporting has been and continues to be very customer oriented. The customer service team has always been great to work with. They return calls and emails and truly make you feel like you and your business count.” – Mark Mlachak, Fire Chief, Painesville City Fire Dept. (OH)

“I get to talk to an actual person when I call or I get a fast e-mail response. LOVE YOU GUYS!” – Ann Harach, Administrator, Blue Rock Fire Rescue (PA)

“We have had nothing but a wonderful experience since moving from our old product to ER. Crew members literally finish NFIRS reports on the way back from a call riding backwards. It’s super easy, customizable, expandable, and they listen to customers!” – Joe Mera, Deputy Fire Chief, Leesburg Fire Rescue (FL)

Emergency Reporting (ER) is the industry-leading software provider of DoD-approved, secure, easy-to-use, cloud-based records management solutions.
“In the field, it takes much less time to input calls with Emergency Reporting. On the administrative end, it’s easier and faster to search and run reports. And I like the ease of downloading information to Excel.” – Mark Mlachak, Fire Chief, Painesville City FD.
“One of the biggest benefits, is having the ability to track their fractile times to determine how they are doing according to ISO and their recommendations regarding dispatch, turnout, and response times.” – Chief Flitcraft, Fire Chief, Panama City Fire Department

Get More Funding

Visit our grant page for a list of upcoming grants you can apply for, and resources on how to use your records management data to increase your budget and get more grant funding.

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