WHAT’S NEW AT ER – MAY 2021: Evening Online Training, Sneak Peek at Incident Module Upgrade, Report Updates, and More!

WHAT’S NEW AT ER – APRIL 2021: Vehicle Documentation in Incidents Ready, Cool New Reports, Summer Events and more!

WHAT’S NEW AT ER – MARCH 2021: Medusa Medical Technologies Acquisition, New Query Tool, Report Updates, and More

Tools for Tracking and Analyzing COVID-19 Coronavirus Data in Emergency Reporting

Why Fire Departments Should Utilize Automatic Billing with Their ePCR Software

UpdatER Briefing #16 – What’s New at ER

Automatically Update Hydrant Locations Using GPS Technology

Still Using Paper Records? Find Out Why You Should Switch to Software ASAP

New ER White Paper Explains How to get More Grant Funding

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Utilizing the Knowledge Base: Katie’s Customer Success Tip of the Month

Fighting Fire with Data

How One Fire Department Reduced Fire Calls by 35% with Their Community Risk Reduction Plan

What’s New at ER: Roles and Permissions, New Reports and Enhanced Narratives

Case Study: ER Helps Dramatically Lower Arkansas FD ISO Rating

What’s New at ER: Roles and Permissions, Daily Roster, Bulk Maintenance and More

To the First Responders Who Helped Contain the California Wildland Fires

Customer Spotlight: PA Volunteer and Career Fire Agency Lower Merion Fire Department

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