Rover takes responder management to a new level. When an incident occurs, Rover instantly relays the call out to your responders' mobile devices, shaving seconds off their reply.
Prevention Package

Prevention Software Package

Access occupancy data and complete inspections in the field with these powerful, mobile-friendly tools for fire marshals and inspectors. The Prevention Software Package makes accessing and editing occupancy, structure, and hydrant data for your agency’s coverage area, and on-site inspections…
Fire Package

Fire Software Package

Our Fire Solution provides NFIRS-compliant incident reporting trusted by over 6,000 departments worldwide. Tell your story, defend your budget and keep your crews safer than ever before with our powerful data management modules.
Fire & EMS

Fire & EMS Software Package

Putting good data in and extracting useful information out has never been easier. Our Fire and EMS solution combines NFIRS and NEMSIS 3 into a single incident report.
NFIRS Only Package

NFIRS Only Software Package

Mostly-volunteer agencies have a lot to do with a limited amount of time – and that leaves little energy for paperwork. But data about your incidents is the lifeline for grants. Get some help with the NFIRS Only Package ER.
Ultra Secure

Ultra Secure

Emergency Reporting Ultra Secure provides enhanced security within the Microsoft Azure Government environment for managing your entire Fire and Emergency Services (F&ES) department.

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