Pennsylvania (PennFIRS)

The PennFIRS Package by Emergency Reporting (ER) is a powerful set of tools for tracking and reporting your NFIRS incident data to the state of Pennsylvania. Emergency Reporting is the preferred vendor with the Office of the State Fire Commissioner in Pennsylvania, and the PennFIRS solution is provided free of charge to all departments in the state. To get started, make sure your department is registered with the OSFC here.

If your department takes advantage of this offer, ER will provide your department with a free PennFIRS package (including maintenance agreements). PennFIRS On-Line meets all of the basic National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS 5.0) criteria.  All data entered by a fire company/department should be submitted to OSFC and in turn will be forwarded to NFIRS.  Modules provided free of charge include the incident module, reports module, my profile module, library module, and administration module.

ER is a fully web-based system, so you can access your data online from anywhere. With unlimited concurrent users, automatic system updates, and instant database backup, managing your reporting has never been simpler. Our dynamic NFIRS Reporting tool makes completing incident reports quick and easy – only fill out the fields required based on incident type. ER has a full suite of station management tools. View our available upgrades to find out how you can supercharge your system.

Need more information? We’ll be providing ongoing training both onsite at regional events and via live webinars. Contact [email protected] for additional product information.

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