NASF Wildland Fire

Emergency Reporting (ER) offers a Statewide Solution for reporting State Forestry Department data by combining it with regular NFIRS reports.

ER is one of the few reporting and records management solutions on the market that offers Forestry Incident Reporting. Our add-on module – called the NASF Wildland Fire Module – makes it simple to meet IRWIN and national forestry reporting standards in the same report that you already complete for NFIRS, eliminating double data entry and extra paperwork. Check out this Virtual Thursday to learn how to use this module.

Main Features and Benefits:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Compliant with the upcoming edition of NFPA 950
  • Automatically submit data to IRWIN
  • Powerful system reports and analytics tools
  • Unlimited users per agency
  • Accessibly anywhere, cloud-based, no software to install
  • API integration to third-party patrons
  • Proven statewide fire reporting solution

Emergency Reporting is a very efficient & extremely user-friendly program. It covers all facets of incident reporting, data storage, pre-planning, inspection data & day to day operations. It empowers our departments to operate at their fullest capacity. Ken Fisk, Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal Bismark, ND

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