Having critical data at your fingertips in the field has long been a need in the fire service. Now, an app usable on any mobile tablet device, regardless of connectivity, ensures fire inspectors only do the inspection once and fire marshals and operations personnel can share data rather than using two different products that don’t sync. This means increased incident efficiency, productivity, and safety for fire department personnel and their constituents. It also leads to increased efficiency in managing personnel workloads, which can be very time-consuming.

Conducting and documenting inspections is an essential component to developing a Community Risk Reduction (CRR) plan and gaining CPSE accreditation. InspectER allows agencies to read or edit building information digitally while conducting inspections and capture photos directly on their tablet for each inspection observation. With InspectER, annual fire inspections, plan reviews, code enforcement, and pre-incident fire planning fire inspections are simpler and more efficient than ever before.

Features of the product include the ability to:

  • Access occupancy and building information in the field, 24/7, whether online or not
  • Synchronize your data quickly (minutes vs. days)
  • Capture photos for each inspection observation
  • Read or edit occupancy and building information while conducting or reviewing inspections
  • Conduct custom inspection activities on your mobile device just like you can when online
  • Double inspection efficiency for minimal cost

Product Levels:

  1. With Level 1, company officers and Ops can pull up pre-plan information while en route to a call to see FD connections, contact information, and fire panel information for alarm drops.
  2. Level 2 works well when fire companies or Ops perform walk-throughs on a building to know the structural details in advance of an incident. While on-site, you can update the pre-plan information to ensure the most accurate data is in the system. Level 1 access is built in.
  3. With Level 3, fire marshals and inspectors can capture all pertinent information and photos, quickly sync data, share it with Ops, and complete inspection reports top to bottom while still in the field.

Watch this 1 1/2 minute video introducing InspectER.

System Requirements

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