In our Occupancy Module, you can manage valuable data for buildings and other structures in your agency’s coverage area. Many ER customers use the Occupancy Module to increase the tracking and efficiency of annual fire inspections, plan reviews, code enforcement, and pre-incident fire planning. The Occupancy Module allows you to compile and manage essential occupancy data for buildings and other structures within your coverage area like building details, contact information, and pre-incident plans. This module aids in the CRR process by allowing your department to develop a detailed database of fire hydrants, occupancies, fire protection systems, hazards, assessed values, and more, which gives you the ability to complete a detailed analysis of your service area.

Do any of your neighboring agencies also use Emergency Reporting? If yes, then you can both take advantage of our “Agency Friends” feature. This feature allows users in the same state to share and receive information and resources between departments. Once both departments have Agency Friends configured, you will have the option to grant access to information from five categories: Apparatus, Hydrants, Incidents, Occupancy, and Personnel. Everything in Agency Friends is “Read Only”. “Friended” agencies cannot make any changes to your department’s ER account; so you can rest assured that it will not be altered and that it is safe and secure within the ER network.

Within the Occupancy Module, one of the most useful features of Agency Friends is the ability to share inspection forms between agencies. If a neighboring department has a successful and established inspection program, you can request access to their forms and use them as a template to create your own. This prevents your agency from spending time creating a report from scratch and is a great way to share work without duplication of effort.

Track Business Owners Occupancy contact information for a variety of contact types
Track Permits Permit and Inspection assignments, schedules and verification
Monitor Compliance Compliance with corrective actions for code violations
Track Location Precise latitude and longitude data
Track Equipment Fire protection systems like sprinklers, Halon systems, and more.
Store Pre-Fire Plans Record locations of Knox Boxes, combustibles, hazmat, etc.
Keep Attachments Audio, video, and other document files from actions performed by personnel outside your agency

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