Easily manage your station’s equipment and apparatus with our new Maintenance Module. It allows you to track the status, location and service life of all of your agency’s apparatus, as well as SCBA and bunker gear, hoses, defib machines, and more.


Primary Benefits:

  • Electronically conduct apparatus inspections with ER Rig Checks and have them automatically uploaded to the Maintenance Module.
  • Assign equipment to individual personnel, an apparatus,
    a station (or all three)
  • Generate maintenance requests for any of your apparatus
    or equipment
  • Track apparatus/equipment maintenance histories with ease
  • Plan for equipment replacement and track equipment costs
  • Customize your equipment categories to meet your
    department’s needs
  • Integrate with our industry leading Safety Analytics product
  • Track PPE for NFPA1500 (See Safety Analytics)

Fully customizable equipment categories make it easy for you to track whichever assets you have on-hand.

Equiment Identity
  • Category
  • Medical Equipment
  • Equipment ID
  • Manufacturer
  • Serial
  • Model Number
  • Year of Manufacture
  • Type
Equipment Assignment
  • Assigned To (Personnel)
  • Apparatus
  • Station
Service Life
  • Date In Service
  • Value
  • Size
  • What year do you expect to replace it?
  • Photo
  • Notes

ER’s Rig Checks feature is optimized for mobile devices and provides you with unlimited checklists/departments, ability to duplicate and assign checklists to new apparatus’, bulk pass/fail option, and a new report to query rig check data. ER Rig Checks works with all major mobile device platforms and works seamlessly with the rest of your ER platform.

All Rig Checks Features:

  • Easy to use interface and intuitive design features
  • Ability to search for apparatus by name, station ID, vehicle number
  • Ability to filter apparatus by name, in-service/out of service, incomplete checks, and rigs assigned to your station
  • Ability to create and edit custom checklists in draft form, preview, and publish
  • Ability to order compartments up and down the list while creating checklists
  • Edits to checklists and active rig checks auto saved
  • Ability to add pictures of compartments
  • New Rig checks optimized for mobile devices including tablets and phones.
  • Start and end time, and person completing rig check recorded
  • Ability to view apparatus check history and view completed Rig checks
  • Powerful checklist creator
  • Easy to duplicate and assign existing checklists to other apparatus
  • Easy to manage all your apparatus and equipment checklists through easy to use interface and powerful search and filter tools
  • Ability to create, perform, and submit a Rig check from multiple device types and browsers including smart phones.
  • Rig check history records available from the Maintenance Module
  • New report to query rig check data
  • Unlimited checklists and compartments


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