Incidents (NFIRS)

We pre-load your account with dropdown lists of all necessary NFIRS codes and descriptions, so you can select and auto-fill fields from them throughout the system. Our goal is to help you create every run report with 100% NFIRS, and in most cases, to automatically submit those records to your local, state, and federal data collection agencies.

Do any of your neighboring agencies also use Emergency Reporting? If yes, then you can both take advantage of our “Agency Friends” feature. This feature allows users in the same state to share and receive information and resources between departments. Once both departments have Agency Friends configured, you will have the option to grant access to information from five categories: Apparatus, Hydrants, Incidents, Occupancy, and Personnel. Everything in Agency Friends is “Read Only”. “Friended” agencies cannot make any changes to your department’s ER account; so you can rest assured that it will not be altered and that it is safe and secure within the ER network. If your department gives or receives mutual (or automatic) aid or has a contract for services with other agencies, this feature can be especially useful. It will allow you to obtain incident information from another agency’s ER account, such as incident number, FDID, and apparatus on scene, to use in your own NFIRS report.

Guided Reporting Our system walks report submitters through each step of the reporting process
View Your Progress A status bar at the top of your screen tracks your progress to completion
Check Compliance The system verifies which sections are in compliance with NFIRS requirements and which ones need additional information

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