The Events Module acts as a virtual bulletin board where events can be changed, and details can be edited in real time. With this module you are able to automatically track the amount of volunteer time for every participant and auto assign LOSAP points for hours worked.

In today’s fire service, many departments are actively working to reduce risk by implementing Community Risk Reduction (CRR) programs. Emergency Reporting offers a wide range of products to help you support the development of a CRR plan and gain CPSE accreditation. With the Events Module, you are able to track your agency’s contributions to the community outside of pure emergency services. This module also allows you to individually track and document the attendance of community members to your events. So, when it’s time to show your community involvement for CPSE accreditation, you will have all the information you need right in your RMS.

Safety Standby Large public gatherings like fireworks displays.
Special Events Shopping mall events, school events, honor guard ceremonies, or anywhere it would be important to have a fire or EMS presence available.
Public Outreach Community CPR or first-aid classes, public relations events at a state or county fair, etc.

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