About Palmer Fire & Rescue:

The members of Palmer Fire & Rescue in Palmer, AK are dedicated to ensuring the safety and welfare of the public through the preservation of life, property and the environment, according to the mission statement listed on its websiteThe agency’s trained professionals “perform this service in an efficient and cost-effective manner.”

In keeping with this mission statement, Palmer Fire & Rescue implemented Emergency Reporting’s Fire & EMS records management system (RMS) nearly three years ago to maximize their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We spoke with Assistant Chief/Training Coordinator Todd Russell, who explained how they’re benefiting from using ER fire software. Check out the Q&A below:

ER: What did you use before ER? Why did you switch?

We used FIREHOUSE starting in 2000. Our Chief became frustrated with the system in Spring 2017 when trying to gather information he wanted. And whenever we called FH for help, it would take a couple of days before receiving a call back from someone and we still couldn’t get the right reports. So, we decided to switch to Emergency Reporting in May 2017, and now we’re in much better shape than before.

Todd Russell, Assistant Chief/Training Coordinator

ER: What is one of the main benefits your department has experienced since implementing ER’s fire software?

Todd: The biggest thing is that with FH, we could only have two people access the system at a time without increased costs, and you had to be in the main office to access the system server. If I wanted to access it and two people were already using it, I’d have to ask them to let me know when they were logged off so that I could get in. So, one of the biggest advantages with ER is that we aren’t limited in the number of people that can access it. We have about 15 people that use it, and we can all use it at once if we want. It’s improved our efficiency, for sure. Plus, we don’t have to be in the office, which is nice. If we’re on an emergency call, we can enter info on-scene, right then and there. That is really great.

ER: What are some of your favorite ER reports?

Todd: The two that I use the most are Report #1621 (the sign-in sheet), and #1633 (the timecard showing the hours, etc., which is what I submit to finance so that staff get paid).  There are many other ER reports that the fire chief uses to gather current response info from as well.

ER: What is your favorite thing about Emergency Reporting?

Todd: I like a lot of things about ER. There are too many good things about it to pick just one. I think one of the best things is the customer support. I don’t have to wait forever to get an answer when I contact support – I can always get help quickly when I need it.

Photos courtesy of Palmer Fire & Rescue.

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